The Vineyard

VineyardOur small vineyard, Casa Mortoni, produces an annual harvest of wine.

Imagine looking out over the vineyard where Stefano and Katuishia are harvesting your grapes. It’s probably September or October and it’s been a good year for viticulture in this part of Umbria. There’s been a lot of sunshine, enough rain (at the right times) and the vines have been carefully and lovingly tended by people who know how to look after them.

Fast-forward a few months and picture the scene: you’re uncorking a bottle of wine; it’s your wine, with your own label “Specially produced in Umbria for…”

We have ten rows of vines, of varying lengths, on a hillside near Montecastelli in Umbria. During January and February Stefano pruned them and tied them up with willow in the traditional way so that by the time the photograph above was taken in early June, they were looking splendid.

Vineyard labelWe would like to offer you the opportunity to share the potential pleasures of owning a small Italian vineyard! But, of course, there are always costs and risks associated with such a venture. We have to pay Stefano for his hard work through out the year, whatever the outcome, and if we have a wet and foggy autumn, the crop may not be as good – it’s all a bit of a risk!

If you would like to participate in this risky venture what we would like you to do is pay £70 and we will allocate you a row of vines. All being well, we hope to bring back to the UK (probably in September) approximately 20-25 bottles of wine with your names on them! £70 includes all transport costs between Umbria and Peterborough – ie. you have to come and collect the bottles from us or make a suitable alternative arrangement.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a stakeholder.

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